Live. Work. Enjoy.   

The Lofts at Alameda, is a 38-unit, 3-story, modern apartment complex located at the corner of Court Avenue and Alameda Boulevard - adjacent to the desirable Alameda Historic Depot neighborhood. The Lofts at Alameda will showcase loft-style features such as high ceilings, exposed coiled duct work, and attractive interiors. Each unit will have modern energy efficient appliances including a washer and dryer. Every loft apartment will have balconies facing Court Avenue, which give the lofts a tranquil feel. The top floors will feature upgraded units with magnificent views of the Organ Mountains and/or the Alameda Historic area, West Mesa and Picacho Peak.  
The Lofts are located within a short walking distance to multiple work places and city transit stations thereby saving tenants money on gas and other vehicle expenses.  

Plus residents will enjoy all the events and benefits of Las Cruces' revitalized Main Street, the nationally ranked Farmers Market, and Museums.

Mathers Realty and The Lofts at Alameda are offering you the ability to view our units at a time convenient for you and only you!  It's simple!  By simply clicking on the link below you will be able to receive a code to unlock the designated lock box. You will need to register an authorized credit card and will see a $0.99 hold on the card during your designated showing time.  This charge is simply just a hold and is needed for security purposes only and refunded back to you via credit to your card.  If for any reason you prefer to not use this service and prefer a personal showing, please call us at (575) 522-4224 and we will be happy to provide you with a personal showing.

If yes, The Lofts at Alameda provides you significant cost and time savings!

If you are one of the 4,000 people who work downtown but live and rent a property on the East Mesa, here is an example of the net effective value of living at The Lofts at Alameda and walking to work daily:

2 Bedroom / 2 Bathroom Lofts Unit:
$795 per month with a 6 month lease, $765 per month with a 12 month lease.
*Rental rates are subject to change. Contact property manager for most current rates.

Annual Commuting Miles Saved:
4,200 (49 work weeks at 12 miles roundtrip)

Cost Savings (gas, maintenance, wear & tear):
$2,352 (based on federal mileage cost of 56 cents per mile)

Monthly Cost Savings:
$195 per month

Net Effective Lofts Rental Rate:
$530 per month! ($725 minus $195)

Time Saved by Not Driving:
5 Days (20 minutes per day).

Value of Time Saved:

Of course the farther East, West, North or South you live, the more time and money you save.